Diane Wald

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A Novel
Published by She Writes Press
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2020 International Book Awards Winner in Fiction: Novella 
2020 Independent Press Award Winner in Paranormal Romance 
2019 Best Book Awards Winner in Fiction (Novella)  
2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Winner in Novella

“Diane Wald is a magician. This wondrous novel about dreams that come true is by turns charming and alarming and utterly disarming. Brace yourself. You are about to witness a breathtaking sleight of heart.”
—Michael Downing, best-selling author of Perfect Agreement and Breakfast with Scot

"Haunting and exquisite, Diane Wald explores beauty, desire, and dreams in her gorgeously written Gillyflower. Dreamy artist Nora and fading theatrical star Hugh share an electrifying moment when she is in the front row of one of his performances. She sends him a drawing of that moment. Captivated by it, disturbed by it, he is determined to dissect why that moment had such an effect. Beautiful writing supports rich characters who don't take the easy way out."
--Next Generation Indie Book Awards

"...An intelligent and sensitive exploration of the ineffable power of connection and coincidence...Wald's elegant and graceful prose begs to be savored...A haunting meditation on lives that intersect in unexpected ways."
--Kirkus Reviews

Diane Wald's meditative literary novel Gillyflower is an experiment in restraint. . . a delicate character study in which a single shared look impacts several lives--a psychological drama with an otherworldly atmosphere. Its introspective passages, images and omens, and subtle characterizations suit this work, and the finale is subdued and potent."
--Foreword Reviews


978-1631525179 | April 1, 2023