Diane Wald

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My Famous Brain

My Famous Brain

My Famous Brain
A Novel
Published by She Writes Press
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2022 IPPY Awards Silver Winner in Visionary/New Age Fiction
2021 NYC Big Book Awards Winner in Visionary Fiction
2021 Firebird Book Awards First Place Winner in New Adult Fiction
2021 Firebird Book Awards First Place Winner in Speculative Fiction
2021 Firebird Book Awards First Place Winner in Visionary Fiction
2021 Firebird Book Awards Second Place Winner in Paranormal
2021 Foreword Indie Bronze Winner in General

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"Unlike any novel I've ever read before. It just wrapped itself around my heart and soul." 
--John Busbee, KFMG Radio

“Wald’s evocative novel manages to deftly capture the mood and myriad voices of the academic world; however, it also narrows its focus to delve deeply into the sensitive mind of its introspective protagonist . . . [Wald is] a writer who understands timing as much as she does a beautifully crafted sentence. A sensitive and moody take on personal connections between loved ones.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“[P]oignant and utterly engrossing . . . cunningly plotted and told in a fascinating, irresistible voice . . . a highly enthralling and complex tale . . . deft and balanced . . . nuanced and filled with wisdom.”
  —The Book Commentary 

“Impressively original, extraordinarily clever, inherently fascinating, and deftly scripted . . . an extraordinary fictional biography laced through and through with elements of the metaphysical . . . highly recommended.” 
—Midwest Book Review 

“A compelling, challenging, and utterly gripping tale. . . . Wald’s prose is lush, and she beautifully humanizes her characters.”
―The Prairies Book Review

Masterfully combining the human and soul experience in one voice, Diane Wald brings to life a character from the beyond who knows how to be present in his past with the wisdom and insight of the afterlife. A must read for anyone needing a reminder of the preciousness of life.
—Christina Rasmussen, best-selling author of Where Did You Go?
Diane Wald is a fantastic story teller with the ear of a poet. My Famous Brain is an enthrallingly complex, layered story, where relationships and loves are like feedback loops in a fallen down house of time. Narrator Jack MacLeod shuffles his memories, loves, and fears, searching for communion, connection, and empathy. This is a novel about what it is to be alive or dead, and to experience time as it moves through the body.
—Patrick Lawler, author of Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds
Diane Wald's literary ability lifts the reader into an empathic relationship with each character. Her development of these characters’ relationships, not only with humans, but also with precious animals, gives the reader the ability to feel—something our society desperately needs. This is the story of a most intriguing man, and the plot twists and turns never fail to show how various lives come together to create the fullness of one life.
—Annette Daloia Scanlon, Social Worker in Hospice & Palliative Care in Human & Veterinary Medicine
Author Diane Wald has crafted a truly intriguing slice of life drama…with vivid details and insight….[R]eaders who enjoy deep literary portrayals of fascinating characters will be sure to adore My Famous Brain.
—Five-Star Review from Readers Favorite

978-1647422059 | October 1, 2021